04 April 2011

Lions and Tigers and...Oh wait! Wrong Story...

The title has nothing to do with the post. This blog was way behind in updates and that title is what popped into my head. Weird, right? *shrug* 

Redemption was free from Smashwords mid-March for Read an Ebook Week. I should have posted that here but I didn't. Bad author! 

Would it be weird for me to say that Redemption makes me laugh? It does, quite often. Made me cry once or twice too. 

I found a lovely model on Dreamstime who looks like Gwen and Jenny. I'm saying she's Jenny, though, since Jenny is more the focus of Redemption than Gwen is. It will get a new cover eventually and maybe an interior revamp as well. It probably needs it. Maybe the book even needs a bit of lengthening. I don't know. That's for the readers to say. 

So, the next post will be to introduce Jenny to the readers and reveal her loveliness. Despite her penchant for trouble, she really is a lovely girl. In Honor, which is about her brother Connor and takes place several years prior to Redemption, she's a sweet girl who's not nearly so jaded. Perhaps some excerpts from Honor will be posted here as well. 

Thank you for reading my senseless ramblings. Comments are always welcome but considering how shy I am about commenting, I won't blame anyone for not doing so. 

Love to all!

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