26 June 2011

More Updates

You know, this blog needs a header. I wish I knew a halfway decent graphic designer who could make one for me... 

In other news, Redemption will receive a new cover. I found the perfect (and I mean PERFECT) stock photo on Dreamstime and with a few suggestions from a perfectly lovely (and perfectly talented) fellow author of clean romance (you know who you are), I think the new cover is almost perfect. (Any editor worth his/her salt would slap me for the overuse of perfect.) 

In my previous post, I promised my readers that I'd introduce Jenny. Well, I will but it will have to wait until the next post. Or maybe the one after that. I'm not entirely sure. I need to find all my notes about her (which are several years old) and make sure I really do know her as well as I think I do.

So, for those of you awaiting her intro, please be patient. I will also introduce Dare...just as soon as I find him...

*Photo © Laura J Miller (That's me!) :OP

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