20 January 2013

Announcing the New Redemption

It's not here yet but Redemption is getting reworked the way Heartless did. Well, perhaps not so much, but it will have a new cover and interior formatting as well as a bit of editing. I've been told to quit changing my stories and I may need to heed that advice or I'll make myself crazy. (If you want to know how crazy Heartless made me, check out the Heartless blog: The Heartless Duke.) 

Meanwhile, this blog will see more action with this revamp on the horizon. The reason this one is next is because I already own all the stock photos I'm using in the new cover. Spellbound and Betrayal each require photos that I don't have the money to buy yet. But the end of February will change all that. 

And just to tease you a bit, here's a snippet of the new cover: 

The cover isn't final yet, but this is part of the "very close to final" cover. And this blog still needs a header. Gotta add that to my creative "to do" list. Sheesh. 

If you are unfamiliar with Redemption, I posted a short excerpt on my author blog for Sweet Saturday Samples

Have a lovely, lovely day!! ♥♥


Farida Mestek said...

I have the same thing going on with my stories - I keep going back and changing them all the time and sometimes I just don't know where to stop.

Jaimey Grant said...

Seems to be the curse of writers to always be revising. lol We each need someone who says, "No, it's done. Enough."